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Tee Claw – Golf Training Aid


A pack of Tee Claws includes:

  • Three Tee Claws of your chosen colour
  • Four Lanyards
  • Three Tees – Size 1 1/4″, 1 3/4″ and 2 1/8″
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Product Description

The Tee Claw enables golfers to use a real tee on synthetic turf mats, so you don’t have to use an old runner tube.

This concept came from a desire to play better golf on synthetic turf surfaces. Tee Claw allows you to use any size tee by easily attaching anywhere on a synthetic mat.

Tee Claw – Instructions Tee Claw Tips

Practice with a real tee

The Tee Claw replaces flimsy, fixed position rubber tees to give you a consistent, natural feel at the driving range.

This product is designed to fasten easily into an artificial grass mat surface, and supports the use of any sized tee. A practical and easy to use tool for golfers of all levels.

More confidence at address

Hitting the ball straight is great! But if you aren’t lined up properly it doesn’t help you much.

The (included) Tee Claw lanyard can be used as a visual training aid to learn proper foot alignment and  swing path. The lanyard also ensures that Tee Claw doesn’t fly off in the event of a mishit.

No more lifting mats

With the Tee Claw, changing your tee height is easy.

The Tee Claw naturally preserves the golfers back because it eliminates the need to lift heavy and often water soaked mats to position a tee.

It also provides the freedom for tee placement anywhere on the mat convenient for right and left-handed golfers alike.

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The Aussie – Green and Gold, The Eagle – Blue and White, The Wasp – Yellow and Black, Mixed Pack


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